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The elite audio manufacturer Bose was created in 1964. Since then, the company has continued to bring consumers the latest in superior sound applications for both home theater and audio. Bose maintains an unbeatable reputation for premium performance, and non-compromising system quality. Bose home audio and video packages are a smart investment and the sound's as good as it gets.

Bose Home Theater

Achieving cinema-quality sound is what sets Bose apart from the competition. Bose offers soundbars, solo TV audio systems, theater speaker systems, and base modules that create a luxury experience for the home theater. In addition to traditional surround-sound, the most recent, 5.1 channel home theater systems paved the way for Bose's 2 most recent models. The Lifestyle 12 System and the Cinemate 140 Soundbar Combo Package.

Bose Home Audio

Stereo quality has reached an entirely new level with Bose bringing home sound-touch amplifiers, soundbars and home speakers. Bose's exclusive WaveTouch technology, allows users to incorporate elegant design into home audio systems, and still enjoy maximum sound performance throughout any room in the house. Additional Bose home audio products include SoundLink and SoundDock, headphones, and even computer speaker systems.

Bose Quality

Bose innovation has continued to elevate our expectations as consumers, for both home theater and audio listening alike. The level of quality that Bose customers experience when streaming music or listening to DVD's and stereo, is unmatched. Bose's signature quality comes from their trademark sound clarifying process, and ability to continuously achieve superior sound through their ongoing, dedicated research.

Smart Home Integration

As homes become technologically integrated, Bose remains attentive to consumer demand. In addition to user-friendly devices already on the market, Bose's Home Speaker 500 offers simplistic WIFI set-up, awesome voice recognition technology, and easy to control sound options. Bose smart home products can instantly answer questions, stream music, and work seamlessly with other smart technology like Amazon's Alexa.

Bose Home Theater Costs

A Bose home theater system ranges from $1,100 to $8,000. Newer on the market, SoundLink packages offer upgrades like color Bluetooth speaker ambiance, wireless/wearable speaker technology, 5 TV sound set-up, and invisible wireless speakers. Home audio systems cost just between $500 and $5,000.

Our Home Theater Recommendation

Bose has been a top audio manufacturer now for over half a century. Bose certainly has the customer base to prove it. Coveted Bose stereo products are an investment that retains value and is able to deliver maximum audio performance for years and years. While Bose speakers are certainly high-end, they offer unbeatable quality and maximum output packaged as small and sleek as it gets.

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