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Are you interested in a home theater and audio experience? And we don’t mean just a home theater with audio. We mean a true experience. If you are, Focal is ready to introduce you to a whole new world of sight and sound.

Contact Treasure Valley Audio Video for all questions related to Focal Home Theater design, installation, integration and costs. We are always happy to help with your Boise home theater needs.

Focal Quality

Focal has been crafting superior, sophisticated acoustic equipment since 1979. We have never made products for those who simply want sound. That’s not who we are or want to be, and it’s definitely not what we want you to experience. To fully appreciate Focal quality, you must appreciate why our products are unique.

The Dome Collection

Dome is different. It's compact, yet powerful. Speakers are small, sleek, and oval, conjuring futuristic notions of sound technology. The clarity, power, and razor-sharp trueness of Dome’s sound will leave you speechless. You may think it impossible for so much pure, true sound to be packed into such compact elegance, but it’s not. It’s very much true and ready for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home.

Sib Evo

Revolutionary. That’s the best word to describe the Sib Evo line. Utilizing Dolby Atmos® technology, the stylish Sib Evo package generates sound that seems to cascade from your home’s ceiling without the use of ceiling speakers. You’ll wonder how it’s possible. You’ll marvel at the scope, power and purity of the most advanced home sound system made. Experience Sib Evo and nothing else will do.

Sib & Co

Sib was launched in 2002 and has remained the gold standard for advanced home theater sound technology ever since. Sib components are compact, well-designed and stylish. They easily compliment any interior design without sacrificing the ultra-modern technology and realistic sound clarity you expect from Focal A Sib & Co system in your home says all there is to say about how seriously you take the home audio-visual experience.

Focal Subwoofers

A home audio-visual experience isn’t complete without high-output subwoofers. Not any sub-woofer will do. The Focal line of Sub Air, Cub 3, and Cub Evo subwoofers bring to life the full power and force of the home viewing experience. Depth of sound and richness of base allows you to experience each action event, musical performance, sports encounter, or other viewing pleasure as if it was actually staged in your living room. When you think subwoofer, you may think only of heavy pounding and vibrating sounds, often distorted beyond recognition. Not so with Focal. You'll hear the total range of rich, deep sound as you've never it heard before.

Focal Home Theater Costs

So, there you have it. If you’re looking for a home theater system, don’t settle for anything less than perfection. Focal complete home theater systems provide an audio-visual experience unlike any you’ve dreamed for as little as $999, and individual component parts such as subwoofers can be yours starting at $199. Don't settle for good enough. Expect superior performance and get it with Focal home theater systems.

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